Friday, May 15, 2009

Astraweb is protecting Stalkers

It has been brought to my attention that numorous abuse complaints have been filed with astraweb and astraweb has rejected them all. This all started when someone in the newsgroups started impersonating my well known Stalker by the name of Leythos. Leythos the Stalker then filed a complaint which lead to a complaint filed by the impersonator. Read below the assinine responses given by Astraweb. I have removed the email adresses to protect the others from further harassment.

Your account has been sighted for flooding. This is a violation of our AUP/TOS:

Please cease all further activities IMMEDIATELY to avoid any
interruptions in service. Further details of the relevant posting in
question can be found below.

Astraweb Support Team

The reply

> Flooding? Those are different posts to different people telling them how to
> fix their computer in a computer help newsgroup. Because someone does not
> like the fact that I have the same name as him does not give him the right
> to complain. My posts do not violate your definition of Flooding as I am not
> trying to prove a point just offering help.
> "What is FLOODING? it is the act of filling a group(s), with unwanted posts
> that are on, or off topic, pushing your point, freedom of speech is
> important, but not to the point of damaging any person, and or group to
> prove your point of view."


We have just received another complaint that you are impersonating If this is your email address, please reply
to this email from that address. Otherwise, please post under your own
Use another email address. The real owner of that email address
emailed me.
And stop sending me your complaints about other users. I only act upon
third party complaints. There are multiple complaints against you, one
against another source.

On Thu, May 14, 2009 at 6:55 AM, .com> wrote:
> Ok I will stop, I will start giving a more direct answer to the questions
> asked it the group. I just hope you guys there can tell the difference. I do
> not want to cause trouble.

The reply

On Thu, May 14, 2009 at 7:24 AM, .com> wrote:
> That's a fake email address. You cant use a real email address on Usenet
> because of spam. If I use a real email address my mailbox will be flooded
> with spam within 24 hours. I will change it to " if it
> will make you happy. My news reader will only allow email addresses that
> contain the @ symbol in the email field.



Please read my previous email carefully. There are MULTIPLE complaints
on you from MULTIPLE different sources. This includes complaints from
users of various countries. Yet, there are no other complaints against
the other user.

Further, you are the one forging his email, not the other way round.

On Thu, May 14, 2009 at 11:19 PM, <.com> wrote:
> I already changed my email address and have not used my account in two days
> so why the threat?. And the previous email address I used was fake, it was
> not the same as the other you mis read it. Why is it ok for him to
> constantly complain about me when I have done nothing wrong. The complaint I
> filed agaisnt him are valid, more valid then what he complains about. He is
> not a third party so why do you follow through on his complaint and not
> mine. Is there a double standard at Astraweb? That guy has been harrassing
> her for 4 years way before he had an account with you. Every single post she
> makes which is NEVER to him get a response from him to her all of which
> violate your AUS policy called flooding. she is the victim here not him. His
> last account was cancelled because he was doing the same thing. SBC has
> completely filtered his name from their servers because of his complaints.
> When him signed up with Astraweb it was because he had been cancelled from
> other providers. This guy has called her a thief a liar, unethical and
> anything else he can think while using your service and now you are telling
> me that it is ok for him to do that and it is not ok for her to make regular
> post? That is unfair and biased. It is your responsibility to stop him, if
> his harrasment and defimation continues in the newsgroups while he is
> using your server I will sue him and you for allowing it to continue. I have
> filed the proper complaint forms and accourding to you from what you said in
> this email you will not do nothing about it. He is not a third party. Every
> time he replies to one of her posts I will file a complaint. None of those >complaints that I already filed where from my astraweb account which makes me a >third party. Do your job or be
> held accountable.
On Fri, May 15, 2009 at 2:44 AM, wrote:
> The email I used was NOT a valid email, it was similar to his but not the
> same. Those multiple complaints have to be valid complaints which there are
> not. How can multiple people complain about the same thing if the complaint
> is not about spam. My posts were not off topic and I was not trying to prove
> a point. My posts do not attack anyones character or call them names. They
> are a direct response to a post directed to me unlike the posts made by the
> person complaining about me. Those two have been in a flame war for 4 years now and
> you are taking sides in our dispute. If you want others to complain about
> him then I will have them do that so prepare to recieve more complaints. It
> is unfair and bias for you to require a complaint from more then one person
> when the harassment is bieng done. The complains I filed were from
> posts I made when not using astraweb. Your client is the problem not me.
> When I get home I will send you a post from your client from 4 years ago so
> you can see how long the harassment has been going on. If you do a search on
> your servers you find that she has never made a post or reply to that person.
> He is stalking her and you are allowing it. She has changed her posting name 4
> times in four years and changed newsgroups to get away from him and he
> continues to follow and harass her. She has even created a blog documenting
> this you will also see the names
> of others who filed complaints. If you continue to allow this person to
> harass her Astraweb will be sued.

The email address is valid because I have been corresponding with him.
The user has been an astraweb user for a long time now, and we have
not received a single complaint for him. However, youve been a recent
user and we have already started receiving complaints.

I am not going to start going into the details of your flame war, but
it would seem to me that if this user is so disruptive, why didnt you
complain about him to our abuse department earlier?

Anyhow, our policy stands that if you continue to be disruptive to the
group and posting rubbish, we will take further action. Irrespective
of whatever has occured with your alleged flame wars, your posts were
not useful and that is what this abuse complaint is about. Not about
your flame wars.

STOP sending me emails from,

Sending me emails from different accounts DOES NOT constitute
complaints from various sources.

the reply

What the hell is the matter with you? Those are not my emails. Those emails
belong to employees that are employed here at this company, they have
nothing to do with me. First your bias pompous ass said complaints from me
is not good enough so I have others who are fed up with the shit being done
file a complaint and you blame it on me. I have not even used my account and
this STALKER is still harassing her, he has posted today and ASTRAWEB is doing nothing about it.
Until you do something about the abuse she is getting from your client the
emails will continue.


Lt Obvious said...

QUIT yer bitching.

sign your messages with PGP.

problem solved.


astraweb said...

I have had no problems with Astraweb.