Saturday, July 18, 2009

Microsofts Security Essentials

Kicks ass over MBAM and SAS real time protection.
Malware Bytes Antimalware, as I have been saying for a long time, real-time protection does not work. Do not waste your money buying that version, stick with the free version. It is a very good software and it does work, everything but the real time protection. The same thing goes for SuperAntispyware. I routinely infect my tests boxes four or five times a day while working to update my Remove-it software. MBAM and SAS has never blocked any malware downloads at all. Sure it will scan detect and clean it but according to the authors it is supposed to prevent the download and installation of all malware that it has listed in it's database. It just does not work. I have reported this to them way back in version 1.33. Since installing Microsoft's Security Essentials, which updates itself on average two times a day, it has blocked 80% of my test downloads and I find I have to totally disable it in order to complete my tests. Simply shutting it down is not enough as it is still protecting. When it becomes Available again, as it is still in Beta, I recommend it over MBAM and SAS.
Comments welcome except from the trolls who will reply because it is me posting, without testing it for themselves. Trolls if you reply to my blog it will be blocked so don't waste your time.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the real-time stuff is quite the system hog. I recommend free scan versions only. However, the big plus with MBAM registered is that you can scan on schedule. However, I don't like how SuperAntiSpyware (registered) only schedules if you have the program running. They need to make it so it you can use it with the Windows Task Scheduler. I have both programs licensed yet I avoid running them in real-time. Same with Kaspersky AV I just run that with a scheduler.

I am trying MS Security Essentials now. It caught some files that all the others didn't! Ouch, that's a bad statement for 3 applications that I paid for: Kaspersky AV, MBAM, and SAS.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I have a question:

I set MS Security Essentials to schedule yet I'm not seeing it on the Windows Task Scheduler. Where does it place the schedule? Does it always need to be running?

Thanks! :)

Lt Obvious said...

real time protection: a user with no admin privilege on a hardened machine

Henry Hertz Hobbit said...

I suggest people move off of Microsoft Windows to either Ubuntu Linux (the one that has most promise) or Macintosh OS-X. A lot of the discussion about malware ends when that happens. I don't think hpHosts is unprofessional and know MVPHosts is professional and Mike has you in his hosts file. I had you but you were misclassified. Since Malware has dropped from #1 to #3 in my priority list and Microsoft has decided it can protect itself, now I am removing this blog from my hosts file. Nobody is using my hosts file anyway.