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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Shame on You! Malware Bytes Antimalware

MBAM has added definitions to their software that attempts to detect and remove my Remove-it software. They did this in direct retaliation of a post I made in the newsgroups criticizing their new IP blocking technology. I pointed out several flaws and instead of fixing them they block me. I had a friend go through the proper channels and report a false positive. But as soon as it was discovered that the poster knew me MBAM locked the thread and immediately updated their software. You can find that thread here
You will also find that others have reported the same issues here.

It is clear that MBAM has no intention to remove that bad IP address so I have updated my Remove-it software, it will now disable MBAM so you will be able to freely surf to any website you wish. You can download my software from here MBAM has turned their fight against Malware to a personal battle against me SHAME ON YOU MBAM!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

MBAM contraversal new IP blocking

MBAM new IP blocking has major flaws. The idea is good but the way it is executed needs work. The database of IP addresses it uses is the major problem. MBAM is trusting the source of that list as being accurate without testing each and every address listed, as it should do, for validity. They use the list from, that list although updated regularly is outdated and needs a complete over haul. Currently I estimate that MBAM blocks more than 10,000 legitimate websites including business websites and emails. The 10,000 is a very conservative low number. For example this IP belongs to all it is is a forwarding IP that GoDaddy uses for it's DNS server. Of the millions of GoDaddy customers who use their forwarding DNS if they install MBAM it will block access to all of those websites. MBAM does not check content of what it blocks it just relies on the truthfulness of the files supplied by I am not sure how many other web hosting companies are listed it this list but I am sure there are more then one. GoDaddy is aware of this blocking and I am sure they will be contacting MBAM about this so we will probably be seeing some changes made to MBAM's IP blocking. The concept is good but it does not work correctly.

On a personal note, I have had dealings with the owner of in the past and he is not a very professional or smart person.