Monday, September 1, 2008

David H. Lipman Troll Extraordinaire

Not 20 minutes after I answer a post to a user with spysheriff issues this troll files a complaint in an attempt to have my account cancelled. See below

Every post this subscriber makes is a personnal attack.
Why is GigaNews allowing its subscribers to be so abusive ?
Why is ONLY GigaNews this unresponsive to abuse ?
Will GigaNews need a Court Oder to stop this abuse ?
PS: GigaNews does NOT have my permission to share my complaints of the abuser with the abuser !

David H. Lipman DLipman@Verizon.Net

This is the one this idiot troll complained about.

Use Spyerase, it's fast and free. It now has over 1500 signatures to remove all variants of Virusburst, Spy sheriff and others. This tool is designed to specifically remove all variants. Scan time is about 2 minutes. Designed for Windows 2000/XP only.First read this page then download spyerase from here

Let me know how it works. Send feedback here

Newsgroup Trolls. Read about mine here list grows. Leythos the stalker, David H. Lipman, Max M Wachtell III aka What's in a Name?, Fitz,Rhonda Lea Kirk, Meat Plow, F Kwatu F, George Orwell

"Paul Zak" <> wrote in message news:45a3f033$0$18105$>

>I do volunteer work for the local small town senior citizen's retirement
> home, and they were recently infected with a nasty known as "Spysheriff".
> According to my research, this is not a new infection, but one that seems
> to> now be eluding ALL of the currently available "protection" software
> (antivirus, antimalware, antiadware, antitrojan, antibrowserhijackers, etc
> etc). I am reasonably certain that I must not be the first person to have
> run into this nasty little bugger recently (given the sheer number of
> windows computers/users, and given my reading the history of this & other
> related NG's); is it possible that the bad guys have finally figured out
> how to dupe the best of the protection software writers? Surely someone has
> a sure-fire solution, no?


Steve S said...

Who is he to send in a complaint for someone else. That post was not even to him. He had me thinking he was a moderator. I'm glad giganews saw right thru it. I also have more respect for you now for putting up with this BS. I had you pegged as a thief and a troll but I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

So many arsewipes on here.
You people ought to be licking pcbutts' arse clean from this mess.
He's got himself into so much shit that he needs a lot of manpower to get it all off.

Seriously though, go get a life. All the evidence are against you.

I'm standing on the "trolls" side cos all their facts are against you. I'll stand by your side if you can prove me wrong

pcbutts1 said...

I'm not in deep shit, never have been never will be. For "3" years now not one thing has happened to me or any of my websites or accounts. That's because everything you read about me is full of lies. Do you know how many times I have been threatend with a lawsuit, all by trolls.

Anonymous said...

I love that hilarious translation

"This game is the culmination of previous Butt goings on the Web. Already in September 2006, handed it to the pros"

butt goings?


pcbutts1 said...

That article is in direct response to me putting the
website in my hosts file. The popularity of my hosts file is growing fast.
Plus they probably didn't like the email I sent them about David Lipman and
hosting his stolen script. They blew me off and ignored me and now that I
done it they are trying to explain why.